Snowboard and Skateboard Wall Mount Systems

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As snowboarders we all recognise that feeling of regret when the time comes to store our winter gear away at the end of the season. A time when we know that we will have to wait until next year before we can go out on the slopes again and a feeling that the fun we had will soon become a distant memory over the long months to come. But now you dont have to consign your cherished equipment to the attic or boxroom. Keep your memories fresh and enjoy your snowboard, skis or skateboard all year round by displaying them on our attractive and contemporary wall mounting system. Stylishly designed to enhance any decor it will serve as a reminder of the good times you have had and offer a promise of good times yet to come. Our mission is to develop products that are not only functional but which blend in with any style of interior design. Customisation is key so wherever possible we allow your choice of product to be adjusted to your taste and requirement. Click here to Email us.

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